Zimmer is committed to good corporate governance and believes that an attentive, performing Board is a tangible competitive advantage. Within this section of Zimmer's website, you will find the following information on:

Corporate Governance Guidelines /    
Code of Business Conduct /    
Code of Ethics for CEO and Senior Financial Officers /    
Board Policy Regarding Auditor Ratification /    
Board Policy Regarding Stockholder Rights Plans /    
Policy for Hiring Employees or Former Employees of Outside Auditor /    
Declaration Regarding California Law SB 1765 /    
Statement of Engagement on Public Policy Issues /    
Zimmer Policy Statement on Conflict Minerals /    
Purpose, Mission, Values
Environmental Health and Safety

Board of Directors
Members of the Board

Committees at a Glance
Audit Committee Charter /    
Compensation and Management Development Committee Charter /    
Corporate Governance Committee Charter /    
Research, Innovation and Technology Committee Charter /    

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